English Menu

Greek salad 48
Tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, Bulgarian cheese, fresh oregano, olives, Abadi’s croutons and sumac
Ijja tortilla 44
Omelet with spinach, parsley, red onions and basil, served with cream cheese in a rolled tortilla, and a small chopped salad
Shakshuka and chorizos sandwich 58
Frena bread, fresh tomato stew, chorizos and poached eggs, served with a small salad
Marduma shakshuka 46
Slow cooked tomatoes and garlic, two poached eggs, served with frena bread and a chopped salad. Add goat cheese or chorizos – 12 NIS
Gravlax bruschetta 52
Smoked salmon, kasten bread, cream cheese and lemon zest, tomato, roasted pepper, chives and hard-boiled egg – served with a small salad
Entrecote sandwich 62
Thinly sliced entrecote sandwich, in a country sourdough bread, with mayonnaise, mustard, avocado, fresh lettuce, baked onions and olives. Served with a small salad
Sweet breakfast
French toast 48
Caramelized apple in date honey, berries, cream and orange zest
Muesli 36
Beef yoghurt 7%, granola, apple, pear, mango, dates and date honey
Israeli breakfast 58/108
A choice of 2 eggs:
Add-ons: mushrooms / onions / spice herbs. Served with chopped salad
Cream cheese, sun-dried tomato paste, tuna, Bulgarian cheese, olives, butter and confiture. Served with ciabatta / grains bread
Grapefruit juice / lemonade / orange juice (12 NIS) and a hot drink
Kids' breakfast 32
Omelet, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber and orange juice / lemonade and an ice cream scoop
Fresh orange juice / carrot juice 18
Soup of the day
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House bread 22
Served with two dips
Egg eggplant 40
Grilled eggplant, white tahini, hot pepper, tomato salsa and a hard-boiled egg
Caprese 36
Sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, Atlantic sea salt and reduced balsamic vinegar
Fried cauliflower 42
Atlantic sea salt, coriander seeds and thyme, served with parsley aioli, tahini and lemon
Mushroom and zucchini bruschetta 44
Kasten bread a la plancha, champignon and portobello mushrooms, zucchini, basil, parsley and green onions, served with caramelized Sainte-Maure cheese
Quinoa falafel 44
Sour small salad of lettuce, peppers, red onions and leek fries, served with white tahini
Veal fillet carpaccio 48
Olive oil, Atlantic sea salt, reduced balsamic vinegar and parmesan
Quinoa salad 46
Lettuce, coriander, celery, mint, red onions, walnuts, apples and cranberries, served with raw tahini and date honey
House salad 56
Lettuce, avocado, radishes, colorful peppers, chicken breast and burnt mini-toasts
Caesar salad and chicken breast 68
Lettuce, red onions, capers, cornichons, croutons, poached egg and parmesan
Penne pasta 38
in tomato sauce
Chicken breast a la plancha 42
With white rice / fries, cucumber and tomato
Mini schnitzels and fries 42
Fresh panko coated chicken breast
Spring chicken a la plancha 44
With white rice / fries, cucumber and tomato
Beef hamburger 150 gr. 46

150 served in a bun with lettuce and tomato, with fries

Chicken liver and cherry tomato confiture 66
Chicken liver, red wine and anise star sauce, baked onions, served over puree
Portobello hamburger 64
Cutlet made of sprouted mung beans in a portobello mushroom. Served with fries
Beef hamburger 66

Brisket and chuck meat, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cornichons, served with fries (add-ons: sunny-side-up – 7 NIS, mushrooms – 5 NIS, browned onions – 3 NIS, Emmental cheese – 7 NIS

Lamb kebabs 68
Kebabs with onions, mint and parsley, mujaddara, tahini and mashwiya sauce
Mung bean siniya in tomato sauce 68
Sprouted mung bean burgers, broccoli, cauliflowers, tomato and pepper sauce, cold tahini, pine nuts and parsley
Spring chicken in curry 72
Yellow curry, coconut milk, ginger, garlic, coriander, broccoli and mango, served on white rice
Mushroom risotto 72
Champignon, portobello and porcini, white wine, parmesan, green onions and basil
Siniya 76
lamb meat, sliced eggplants, sweet potatoes, zucchinis, potatoes, onions and tomato, baked and served with tahini and pine nuts
Veal schnitzel 84
Panko coated thin flank, served with puree, cornichons and Dijon mustard
Entrecote pappardelle 86
Pappardelle pasta, sliced entrecote, portobello, champignon and porcini mushrooms, butter, beef stock, basil, parsley, green onions, thyme, spinach and cashew nuts
Salmon fillet 94
Carrot cream, black lentils and celery, served with a small salad
Corvina fish 96
Artichoke and citrus zest cream, zucchini, spinach and garlic
Entrecote 300 gr 124

Served with chimichurri and puree

Fruit sorbet 24
Halva ice cream 32
Vanilla ice cream served with halva hair, pistachios, raw tahini and date honey
Crème brûlée 34
Hot chocolate fudge 36
Apple crumble 38
Served with a vanilla ice cream scoop

A choice of a starter

Pineapple 45
Served with pineapple ice cream
Lunch Menu

A choice of a starter